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Edmonton Nerd List Virtual Con – May 30th

**Update – May 20th** The incredible people at Extra Life Edmonton will be using their Discord as a gathering place to host all of you Convention-Goers so you can network and meet others! Check out their Discord by going here

**Updated – May 16th – The main page is now live and you can explore the whole current lineup by going here. Check back regularly as we still have much more to add**

Well, the rumours are starting to get around so I might as well make it official. We’re throwing a Virtual Convention four weeks from today! There’ll be Vendors, Artists, Panels, Online Gaming, a Community Section and so much more! Everyone will be streaming from their booths and the panels will be online but we’re hoping to make it as close to an actual Con as we can. All the lineup details will be announced over the next few weeks so keep watching this space for more links & details.

Interested in getting your online store listed (and potentially streaming on May 30th as well)? Just send us an e-mail with your online store link, your stream link and maybe 3-4 key words to describe what you make.

Want to submit a panel link to stream on that day? Send us a brief description of what you’ll be talking about, a time it’ll be running and a link people can click to check it out.

Want to run an online game for people to join?  Send us the details & time and we’ll add it to the official schedule.

Send your submissions to and we’ll get them listed.

Oh yeah, this is all 100% free. We’re trying to support as many locals as we can so we’re not trying to make a profit on this.

Lastly, we hired the impeccable Chris Moet (a local artist unfortunately laid off due to Covid-19) to make the cool poster for the event (and to be our official merch vendor). He’ll be keeping all the profits from any sales so please help support local. See his store link here.

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