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Extra Life Edmonton Is Almost Here! (Updates)

Are you ready to spend 24 hours gaming under the dome at West Edmonton Mall? It’s only three days (Nov. 5) away but you still have time to register to fundraise or volunteer. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve already raised about $35000 for the Stollery but you can help give them one final push and game with them all night long too.

Did I mention we’ll give you or your business an extra shoutout on our Facebook & Twitter if you donate to our team too?

If you do make it out to play; you’ll be sorted into one of five houses….

2016 YEG Extra Life House Cup Information

Get ready to get your game on! Based on your seating, we’ll be dividing participants into 5 “houses” named after some of our year-round supporters:
Team Bioware
Team Fragapalooza
Team RetroActive Gaming
Team GDX
Team Animethon

Houses will earn points by winning tournament games, tweeting, and more!

Winners will receive glory, “posession” of the cup for a year, and perhaps another individual small prize. 

Each House will have its own Discord channel. Don’t have our Discord? Join us here:

Thanks Bhayson Films for the House Cup videography.

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