Gaming Hall

Just like any other Convention, we have a gaming hall! Have a game you’d like to run online or a project you’d like to show off? Send us an email at if you’d like to participate!


“Curved Space” by Only By Midnight
Curved Space is a dizzying modern take on the classic arcade shooter set across a surreal universe of space-bending arenas. Watch as bullets, beams and bizarre alien energy spiders alike curve and warp around the surface of asteroids, space stations and physics-defying mobius strips.
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Foam Fighters & Re-Bite Cafe (Now open to the public!):
Foam Fighters is Edmonton’s premier indoor location for NERF blaster battles, video games and good food. Relax in Rebite Cafe or let the foam fly!
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Game OVR (Tune in at 2pm for Half-Life: Alyx!)
VR Arcade & Rental
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Laser City
VR Home Rental in Edmonton and Calgary, Quests, Wireless VR,
Laser City is closed due to Covid – so we have pivoted from in-facility activities to at home fun! We now offer VR rentals! Bring a wireless Virtual Reality headset into your home! It’s just $99 for 3 days of VR fun. And yes! It comes with games to play of course.
Online Store Link:
Edmonton VR Link:
Calgary VR Link:

Board Games (By Edmonton Netrunner):


Android: Netrunner is an asymmetric two-player cybernoir card game. One player is a giant corporation trying to advance various agendas to gain money and power, and the other player is a runner (hacker) trying to stop them by stealing their data.

Though the game has been discontinued by the publisher, a fan group called [NISEI]( is continuing to make new content for it. NISEI cards are available both as real cards from some online print-on-demand shops and as print-and-play PDFs, making it cheap to start playing. Currently, all organized play has moved temporarily online, which isn’t as social but is even cheaper.
Stream Link:

RPG Games (By Donations & Dragons):

11am: “Trinifalian Apples”- A D&D 5e adventure for characters of 3rd level. 3-6 hours in length. Contact: or by phone at 403-975-2747

“People of importance have been dying at a rapid rate in the Dwarven town of Trinifal. The only thing that has been found to be common among the deaths, which are assumed to be murders, is that a goglian apple, a type of apple that only grows underground, with a single bite taken out of it. The town council and guard of Tinifal assumes that whatever, or whoever, is committing these murders is coming from the Mogodi wood west of the town of Tinifal as that is the only known place within 100 kilometers to grow the rare fruit. However, the location is also considered sacred to the town and they cannot go there because of this. The guard and the council have asked that you either capture or destroy the threat and return to them with proof that the threat has been deal with.”

Cancelled-12pm: “The Witches of Westwater”- A D&D 5e investigation for 4-5 players at level 5
Contact: Mitchell on Discord at

“Early one morning your party stumbles into Westwater, a small town that is holding a witch trial after some children began acting strangely. Three townspeople have been accused of being witches. The town is split about their guilt and decide to allow you to be impartial judges. You must render your verdict at dusk with any guilty party being hung till dead.”

RPG/Board Games (By Pe Metawe Consulting):


D&D 5E Drop-in Game (players can create, point buy, PHB + 1 additional source, no magic)
Stream Link: (Roll20 Link will be shared on Zoom)


Online Codenames (Family Friendly) (All participants need is a microphone and ideally a camera, we have everything set up on the backend)
Stream Link:

Video Games (Nintendo Switch) (By Extra Life Edmonton):

Visit Extra Life Edmonton Discord for all the details.

12pm-1:30pm: Mario Kart 8 Battle modes
2pm-3:30pm: Tetris 99
4-5:30pm: Mario Kart 8 Races

Extra Life Edmonton
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