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Transformers TCG Wave 3 Booster Draft

June 30, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm MDT

To celebrate the release of Wave 3 we are hosting a Wave 3 Booster Draft (see rules below)

$24 entry – 4 pack Draft with guaranteed pack prizing
All attending with receive promos from the new set!

Drafting is a great way for players to enjoy a challenging, dynamic game using unopened Booster Packs.

Beginning the Draft

1- Start with 4 unopened booster packs.
2- Arrange players around the table in a random order.
3- Open your booster packs and remove the four Character Cards.
4- Set the 4 sealed packs of Battle Cards aside for now. (Do not open them yet.)
5- Draft the Character Cards, then draft the Battle Cards (More info below).

Drafting Character Cards:
1- Starting with the player who opened character cards with the most total stars and going once around the table clockwise, each player can discard any number of their character cards. To discard a character card, place it on the table where all players can read it. (If there’s a tie for most total stars, choose one of the tied players at random to discard first.)
2- Players then draft cards one at a time to replace the ones they discarded. Cards are drafted one at a time, with the player holding character cards with the fewest total stars having the next pick. (If there’s a tie, the tied player who discarded cards first has the next pick.)
3- Once a player has four character cards, they are done picking character cards and their total stars aren’t counted to determine who has the next pick.

Drafting Battle Cards

1-Each player opens one pack of 7 Battle Cards.
2-Pick one Battle Card to keep and put it face down in front of you. Pass the remaining cards to the player on your left. Repeat this until everyone has picked 7 Battle Cards.
3-Each player opens another Booster Pack. Repeat the drafting, except this time pass the cards to the right after picking one.
4-For the third Booster Pack, again pass to the left, then back to the right for the final booster pack.

At the end of the draft, players will have four Character Cards and 28 Battle Cards.

Building Your Team and Deck

Players build their teams from the four Character Cards they have after the draft. The normal 25-star limit applies. If a player ends up with more than one character with the same name, they may play all of them. Character Cards a player picked but aren’t playing are set aside.

Battle Decks must have a minimum of 25 cards. This means players can choose up to 3 of the cards they drafted and not include them in their deck.



June 30, 2019
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


dreamESCAPE Gaming