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Tales From The Loop – The Four Seasons of Mad Science

August 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm MDT

“Step into the alternate ’80s universe created by scifi artist Simon Stålenhag in this retro RPG, in the vein of ET and Stranger Things.”

The Four Seasons of Mad Science
A scientist scorned by the establishment. A failed experiment. A list for revenge. These four Mysteries will take the Kids through a tumultuous year of strange happenings, weird creatures and even gates to the timespace itself. Welcome to the four season of Mad Science!

Join us at Board N Brew Cafe, with your favourite Game Master Brian who’s delving into running his first campaign! I’m running Tales From The Loop, a game from Free League based on the system from their critically acclaimed RPG Mutant: Year Zero. We’ll run through The Four Seasons of Mad Science that’s included in the Core Rulebook, and then depending on player interest we can move onto more scenarios and campaigns; or even move onto the sequel Things From The Flood which takes place 10 years later featuring Teenagers in the 90’s with darker themes and more danger!

Tales From The Loop takes place in an 80’s that never was. Many different scientific discoveries paved the way to the 80’s you’ll come to know in this alternate universe.
First going back to the 50’s, Soviet Union scientist discover the Magnetrine Effect, which gives us the giant, lumbering Gauss Freighters that crawl across the sky. At a similar time the world’s first particle accelerator is built in the US.
In the 60’s the Japanese create the first “self-balancing machines”, or robots, as we know them. Swedish agency Riksengeri begins construction on The Loop, the world’s biggest Particle Accelerator.
The Loop’s construtcion is completed in the 70’s, and scientists from all over Sweden and Europe are recruited to work on it. At the same time the first civilian robots enter service, and failed robot tactics from the Chinese in the Baikal Wars lead to the end of military applications of robots.
Finally, we get to the 80’s. Exactly the same as we remember them. Kids playing unsupervised until dark. RPG systems like Advanced D&D are all the rage. Gauss Freighters dot the skies of the northern hemisphere. Saturday Morning Cartoons. Robots and the Commodore 64 personal computer.
At the same time the Swedish Armed Forces introduce AMAT-1, crewed self-balancing machines. And strange sightings are reported around the Loop…

Tales From The Loop acts on 6 main principles:
1. Your home town is full of strange and fantastic things.
2. Everyday life is dull and unforgiving
3. Adults are out of reach and out of touch
4. The land of The Loop is dangerous but kids will not die
5. The Game is played scene by scene
6. The World is described collaboratively


August 20, 2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Board N Brew Cafe
9929 103 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 0Y1 ca
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Board N Brew Cafe