Edmonton Nerd List Virtual Con – May 30th

**Update – May 30th** The hours will be from 10am – 6pm officially. Not everyone will be streaming for the entire time. Please do your best to visit those who are online and let them know you support them and will see them at the next ACTUAL convention.

**Update – May 20th** The incredible people at Extra Life Edmonton will be using their Discord as a gathering place to host all of you Convention-Goers so you can network and meet others! Check out their Discord by going here https://discord.com/invite/yegextralife

With all the cancelled & postponed events this year, it was starting to look like we wouldn’t have any events at all. With so many of our friends going through rough times, we decided to host our own Con.


Exactly like a real Con except everyone is streaming from home. Want to talk to your favourite artist from Artist Alley? Click on their stream link and let them know how much you miss them.

Want to play a game in the gaming area? Click on the host’s link and follow the instructions on how to join.

Want to attend a panel? Click on the link at the appropriate time and tune in to it.

Want to Cosplay? Go ahead, there’s no prop check!

Best part of all of this? It’s free. Free to participate and free to promote what you should be able to promote at a Physical Con.

Want more info? Email us at info@edmontonnerdlist.com

Curious as to who’s signed up so far? Here’s the different areas so far:

Artist Alley
Vendor Hall
Community & Events
Panels & Programming
Gaming Hall

One last thing, since we’re pretending to run a Convention, we’re hosting it on a Space Station. Because why not?

Watch this space for further details. Also watch the skies…. this thing may not stay in orbit for long.

Also, check out Chris Moet, our official artist, by going to his store page here.