Reading Rush Available September 24th!

Our friends at Edmonton’s The Frozen Machine have announced the release date for their latest game: Reading Rush. Check it out on September 24th!


Reading Rush is an 8-bit style arcade game akin to “Tetris with letters”. Rows of alphabet blocks stream down from the top of the screen and you must alphabetize them on the fly to clear the rows before they hit the bottom.

Hone your alphabetizing skills in Arcade mode before moving on to Adventure mode, where five characters battle each other for runic victory! Clear the letter rows to charge your character’s three unique powers, and if your skills are strong enough you may even reach the final boss herself: Ol’ Miss Zorldo!


  • Hone your alphabet skills!
  • Endless action in Arcade Mode!
  • Face five foes in Adventure Mode!
  • Unlock unique characters!
  • Original 8-bit soundtrack!




Download the release trailer file here


The Frozen Machine is an independent game studio based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Earth. Officially founded in 2016, it is comprised of three amateur game developers who met while studying game design at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). The Frozen Machine has released two prior games: Tunacycle (2016) and Bugs R Stupid (2017). The success of these titles was so great the members of The Frozen Machine were able to get part-time outside jobs to help support the company. If Reading Rush is any more successful, they may even end up with FULL-time outside jobs!


The Frozen Machine team is small but powerful, like a hobbit. Its members are:

  • Adrian Nieto – Programming
  • Alex Hillhouse – Art
  • Raiford Lawson – Programming

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