The Supers (3rd Best Super-Team in the World), Now Funding on Indiegogo!

We’re starting what looks to be a crazy week of week of nerdy Edmonton crowdfunding with The Supers, a project featuring no less than four local artists! Check out the work of Daniel Schneider, Cathering Dubois, Cindy Gauthier and Jeff Martin and throw a few dollars their way if you can!

You can find the campaign link here.

My first book, The Supers #1, was an anthology comic book with many brilliant artists involved in realizing the vision. The Supers #2 will be no different. While all the stories will be written by me, Chris Morris, a host of amazing artistic talents will be collaborating with me in making my character’s adventures a reality.

Keep reading! I’ll share my vision with you.

The Local news did a story about my comic book adventures HERE

What is This About?

I’m Chris Morris, an independent comic book creator, and my goal is to make great, diverse, and inclusive comics. That pretty much sums up the goal!

I’ve been reading comics my whole life and have already self-published one book, The Supers: 3rd Best Super-Team in the World #1. Continuing the stories of The Supers in this next comic is very important to me and I hope it becomes important to you as well! I truly think diversity and representation in comic books are of vital importance in 2019 and making this book a reality will help prove that point and make a contribution to diversity in the industry.

Why Do This Campaign?

Truthfully, publishing a comic is neither easy nor affordable. From paying the amazing artists to actually publishing the book, things cost money to do it right and I need your help. The exciting part for you is that you get to participate in the making of a comic book! You get your name in a comic book! You can actually be drawn in as a character in the comic book!

The Impact

The world has made some great strides in the last few years, but we can always do better.

  • This comic book contains characters with different body types, of different races, characters who openly identify as LGBTQ, who have differing religious beliefs, who are disabled, who have alopecia, or peanut allergies. I want as many people as possible to find themselves or someone they identify with in the pages of The Supers because comics really are for everyone.
  • The first comic book I self-published, The Supers: 3rd Best Super-team in the World #1, took six years to finish so I’m hoping with your help #2 won’t take quite as long! Less time means the stories, art, and messages can get into your hands as soon as possible.
  • In my first Indiegogo campaign I had one artist, Ricky Gunawan, who was brave enough to go on the journey with me. Ricky is still involved today and along the way I have added other incredible artists to the team. By contributing to this campaign you can help talented artists continue to make their art and pay their bills.

Risks & Challenges

Why should you trust me with your money and how do you know this isn’t something I came up with on a whim? This will be my second crowdfunding campaign. I have learned a lot since that first campaign: all about publishing a comic book, how to work and collaborate with artists, how to talk their language, what a “bleed” is, how to get an ISBN number, etc. I’m well-versed in how to make the best use of these funds and deliver on my promises.

Funding is always the annoying obstacle to great dreams. Nothing comes for free, but many great things are worth fighting for and investing in. Funding in this case will ensure I pay my artists (artists must always be paid for their talent and time), that I will get to work with a graphic designer on proper formatting, and that I’ll have a print company that can carry this out (relatively) affordably and with high quality standards. Your contribution to the campaign will help make this happen!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t send me money, I understand. But you can still lend a hand!

  • Are you on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Please send out the signal early and often.
  • How do you do this? Scroll up and click Indiegogo’s social media buttons . . . it’s that simple to spread the word and make an impact.

I realize this is about me asking you for your hard-earned money and I don’t take that lightly. Thank you for taking the time to look at this campaign for The Supers #2.  I really appreciate it!

And now, take a peek at more wondrous illustrations!