Wolf Pack YEG Talks Geek Culture -Oct. 22

Ready to discuss Geek Culture?

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A collab between Me. – Men Edmonton x Next Gen Men, Wolf Pack YEG aims to build a community of social support by creating space for the conversations that men don’t normally have. We take on the issues that impact us all through engaging events with insightful speakers.

Wolf Pack events are open to people of all genders, so that we can learn with and learn from each other. Funds raised support the continued success of Next Gen Men’s youth programs & Men Edmonton’s community work.

October Topic: Geek Culture

Superheroes, comic books, movies, video games! What does this have to do with masculinity? According to the people that follow issues like GamersGate and ComicsGate, a lot! Join us as we discuss how being a man intersect into how we look at “geek” culture in the modern age.