Hockeypocalypse Kickstarter Launch

Ready to help give a local artist a bit more exposure? Jeff Martin has been helping mentor the next generation of comic artists as well as continuing to work on all his various projects. Read the synopsis of his new Kickstarter below and even if you can’t afford to back it, share the kickstarter by visiting here.

Hockeypocalypse is the story of the Edmonton Atomics, a team of plucky mutants doing their best to keep their community functioning and the resources plentiful.

It’s an all-ages hockey comedy set in post-apocalypse Canada.

Since the series began in 2013, there have been three paperback graphic novels released (more on those later). Cult of Hockey will be the fourth book, but it will also be a new beginning – it’ll be the first Hockeypocalypse book available on Kickstarter, the first book to have a fourth period, and also the first book in a new cycle of stories exploring more of post-apocalypse Canada. The first three books tell the story of the Atomics coming to terms with their new world and finding a home within it – the next books will expand that world, and see the Atomics searching for their place in it.

Each book in the series is a self-contained story, so don’t fear jumping in with the new book. If you’re a completionist and want to get your hands on the previous books, though, I’ve got you covered – the entire series will be available through this campaign.