Hospital Of Horror VR Haunted House – This October!

Some of you may remember the Hospital of Horror from last year and I completely understand if you’re too scared to come back and do it again…

If you’re not familiar with it; it’s a virtual reality free-roaming experience and it’s multiplayer!

If you’re not too scared… you’ll be able to check it out starting on October 12th.

*A few things to keep in mind (you can go their website to see all the details).

-This runs for October only and tickets start at $20 per person.
-It’s a 2 player experience so bring a friend.
-It was created right here in Edmonton and is now all over the world.
-You can see it for yourself by going to Laser City at 5104-67th Ave.

No waiting in a line up in the cold for this halloween experience!

You’ll put on your VR headset and backpack and be transported to the Hospital of Horrors. You and a friend will walk around the abandoned rooms and ride the elevator, but watch out, you’re not alone…