Nerd List 3rd Birthday Invitational Tournament (In Support of Extra Life) – Oct. 17th

Two things came to mind recently… It’s almost three years since the Nerd List started, and I’ve been lagging behind in my Extra Life fundraising.

What to do?

Throw an absolutely EPIC nerd party!

On October 17th we’re taking over the entirety of Foam Fighters YEG. In addition to unlimited Nerf Play, a Nerf Shooting Range, arcade cabinet with hundreds of games and a fully-licenced restaurant; there’ll be Board Gaming courtesy of The Gamers’ Lodge, Video Gaming being run by High Score eSports and The Spud Farm eSports Centre, Trivia by Tipsy Trivia YEG and a Nerdy Raffle being put on by Extra Life Edmonton!

BUT… that’s not all… We’re also putting on a 64 person Fortnite-inspired Nerf Battle! Random weapons placed around the arena and teams of four will have to scrounge for ammo and battle it out head to head to head until only one is left standing.

The best part? The winners get an actual Chicken Dinner…

Did I forget to mention that every cent of admission will be going toward the Stollery through our Extra Life fundraising page? Yup. We’re not handling any money. The teams pay a minimum $5 per person donation to our Extra Life fundraising page (referencing their team of course) and whoever donates the most gets the top spot in the tournament bracket. Yes, you can help out your favourite team, just mention who your tax-deductible donation is supporting and get them that coveted top seed!

*Foam Fighters will also be donating a portion of food sales to Extra Life as well!*

We’ll be revising this post with teams as we announce them and prizes for the raffle as they come in as well. Want in? Space is tight as we’ve got a bunch of interested parties already rounding up teams… e-mail us at if you want in.