3rd Annual Edmonton Expo Pass Giveaway!

We’ve been fortunate enough to be around long enough that we get to do this yet again! (With the co-operation of the Edmonton Expo of course…)

This year we’re giving you four ways to qualify to win two weekend passes to the Expo. All you have to do is one of the following:

  1. Like us on Facebook & share the pinned giveaway post on our Facebook Page. Make sure to comment that you shared as well so we can track down who entered a little easier. (Bonus style points if you tag the Edmonton Expo Facebook page or your friend when you do!)
  2. Follow us on Twitter & retweet our pinned Tweet on Twitter. (Once again, bonus points for tagging your friends!)
  3. Follow us on Instagram and comment #NerdListgiveaway on the giveaway post.
  4. Make a donation of $1 or more to our Extra Life fundraising page. We’ll also give you a shout-out on our Social Media for being such a great person (you can’t be an anonymous donor though…. we need to know who to qualify!).

A few quick notes… one qualifier will be selected from each means of entry on Saturday, September 9th and one winner will be drawn on Sunday, September 10th.

Good luck and we’ll hopefully see you at the Expo!

*If you’re entering on Facebook, you’ll need to set your sharing to public or we won’t know you’ve entered. Commenting “shared” on the post will also work.