Beeriokart Tournament @ The Gamers’ Lodge – June 29th

Despite what the title might suggest, the alcohol is purely optional for this one… I wonder if I can down a coffee during a lap? It’s all for a good cause (specifically Extra Life). Can’t help but wonder who the special guests are for this one???

See the full event link & updates here.

Beeriokart! Don’t drink and drive.

This is a 32-person tournament playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. Rules are as follows:

– 4 people race at time, drawn randomly.

– Each racer needs a full drink prior to the race beginning (first drink included in ticket price).

– May not begin drinking until completing your first lap.

– May not cross the finish line until your drink is empty.

– The key rule is: no drinking and driving. Whenever you go to take a drink you have to come to a complete stop in the race.

– No drinking while driving, turning, or skidding.

– The first two players their drink and cross the finish line advance to the next round!

There are several different strategies while playing Beeriokart. Some players like to rush off into first, get a large lead, then stop near the finish line to finish their drink. Others finish their drink at the start of the second lap, or drinking them periodically during the race. Have fun testing out all the different ways to play!

There will be some special guests in attendance with bounties on their heads. Defeat them for special prizes!

$2 from every ticket sold as well as an additional $2 from every drink sold during the night will go directly to Extra Life Edmonton in support of the Stollery!

Many prizes are up for grabs, and there may be some silent auction items. Please contact us if you have some silent auction items to donate (all proceeds to Extra Life Edmonton).

See you there!

You may notice that we only refer to a “drink” and not a “beer”. This is intended. Drinking a beer or any other alcoholic beverage is purely optional. This event may be played using any drink you wish – tea, coffee, pop, water, float, italian soda, etc.

If you do wish to use an alcoholic beverage, you are allowed to, but please drink responsibly!