Nerd List Beta Testing

If you’ve been poking around the website recently, you’ve seen the new Directory section. It’s in a kind of ‘Beta’ testing phase right now but there’re plenty of reasons for the change.

-Google Maps integration. You’ll now be able to pick a region and zoom in on listings in the area.
-Filters: You can now filter by category and search by tags.
-User Submitted forms: No more waiting for me to get around to listing things. Just fill out the form and all I have to do click a couple of check boxes.

I’m currently in the process of migrating all the listings over to it and it’s a slow process. I’m verifying that everything is still active and getting even more details than before. Once it’s all done though, everything should be so much easier to maintain and we can cover a much wider area.

We’re also hard at work at a few other features that will be rolling out soon; including a much more user-friendly calendar, a new theme and a whole slew of new ways to introduce you to new nerdy projects & businesses!

Hope to see you around in the near future!