Weird Al Karaoke @ Grindstone Theatre – Apr. 11

It’s not just singing Weird Al songs… Comedians have to write and perform their own original parodies. Maybe my “Heathens” parody needs to debut at this one…

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Weird Al Karaoke is back and its looking for a snack, at the new Grindstone Comedy Theatre in Edmonton!

A brand new comedy theatre is opening in Edmonton, a block south of Whyte Avenue, on 100th street. It’s gonna be banging, it’s got all kindsa wicked comedy programming every night of the week! What better home for Weird Al Karaoke than at a beautiful brand new comedy theatre. There is a restaurant and bar, so don’t worry, you can still get hammered on a Wednesday night.

If you don’t know what Weird Al Karaoke is, it is a comedy show where comedians write and perform their own parodies of popular songs and perform them over karaoke tracks. It’s always a blast, and it has been running in Edmonton for just over three years. What better way to celebrate off three years of parody comedy than with a brand new venue… a forever home, to all you dog and orphan enthusiasts.

To kick it off we will be doing a kickass show featuring old favorites and new tunes from your Edmonton Weird Al Karaoke favorites.

Hosted by Mike Robertson and Christine DeWitt.

$10 at the door!
Don’t be late, show starts right at 9pm!

Grindstone Comedy Theatre
10019 81st Ave NW Edmonton