Online (Local) Artist Alley & Vendor Hall

If you’ve been reading the Nerd List over the last month or so, you’ve probably already seen the re-organization beginning. Specifically you’ve seen the Artist Alley & Vendor Hall tabs show up at the top of the site. The idea behind these is that all those incredible local pop culture artists & makers you see at the conventions/shows usually have an online store that you can order from 365 days per year. We’re aiming to give them a little bit more exposure.

We’ve signed up to be an affiliate of hosting websites like Etsy, Society 6 & Redbubble; and if you do choose to support one of these great local Edmonton artists/creators, we’ll get a commission paid by the hosting website (the local artist still gets their full amount).

If you’ve got an online store and you’re interested in becoming a part of this experiment; just send us an e-mail link to your online store and we’ll add you!