EFGC: March Meltdown 2 – Mar. 31

Edmonton’s series of Video Game Events keeps rolling along and this year’s March Meltdown is going to have one of the most popular fighting games in years; Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Event link here.

The Sequel to March Meltdown is here ,
Thanks to our friends at Highscore Esports bar for hosting the EFGC

Venue Fee – $5.00
Main Game Entrant Fee – $10.00
Tekken 7

Side Games Entrant Fee – $5.00
GG Xrd Revelator

Doors at Noon
Tekken 7 and GG Xrd at 1 PM
USF4 and MvCi at 2 PM
SFV at 4 PM
DBZF at 6 pm