RPG Networking Night – Dec. 19th

Have you been having trouble finding a Gaming group to get an RPG campaign together for? Well we’re aiming to fix that! Come on out to The Gamers’ Lodge on Dec. 19th and meet a few people that are in the same situation. We managed to get three groups started last time and hopefully we’ll get a few more of you together this time too!

Things to keep in mind…

-Schedule came up as the the single most important factor (this I can help you figure out).
-A positive atmosphere came second (this you have to figure out on your own).

The first night is likely going to be meeting people but we’ve got a local celebrity Dungeon Master (Adam Waldron-Blain) running some old-school D&D if you’re up for the challenge. Roll 3D6 in order and take the stats you get. Good luck to you… (He’s killed my character before).

You can check out the event link here.

*It’s a $5 gaming fee for the Gamers’ Lodge and a portion of food & drink sales will be going to Extra Life, just like last time*