Edmonton Prototype Convention 2018 Mar 23-25

Guess who’s site has gone live? Edmonton’s first board game prototype convention will be taking place from Mar 23-25. Keep an eye out for more details as they become available and visit Warhorn link here for schedule updates.

Welcome to EPOC, Edmoton’s first prototype focused board game convention. This event is designed to be a space where game designers, publishers, and play testers can come together in a friendly, productive environment. Attendees will be surrounded by prototypes of upcoming tabletop games and recently published games from local designers. There will be prototyping materials on site which can be purchased with in-event tickets. Designer Badges come with 5 tickets, but additional tickets can be purchased with your registration, or on site.

Designers – There are currently only 40 Designer Badges available., so sign up early to ensure your spot. During each slot, we will have 8 tables set up for Full Play-through Sessions (FPS) and 4 tables for Rapid Playtest Sessions (RPS). You will have the chance to formally sign up for 3 slots (possibly more time permitting) over the two day event. The sooner you sign up for slots, the sooner we can reserve your space. We will be running a few open gaming tables as well that will not be bound by sign ups where you can play whichever prototype you would like.

Play-testers – There are 160 Public Badges available. Sign up early for games you would like to test out to ensure you can get in on them. Your attendance is very important to us. We need your feedback. At the end of the event, there will be a People’s Choice Award for best in show and each participant can vote on each game that they play.

There will be door prizes as well, randomly drawn after the People’s Choice Award Ceremony. Each participant will be given one ticket for the draw with their Badge.

For more details, see https://fongomongo.wixsite.com/epoc