Edmonton Board Game Exchange Xmas Party – Dec. 15th

Looking to get rid of a used game and maybe pick up a cool new one? All while meeting the local gaming community and making some new friends? You’ll get you chance at the Gamers’ Lodge on Dec. 15th!

Event link here.

It’s that time of year again – Christmas!

As we did last year, we would love to get together as a community and put faces to names, socialize, play games, and participate in a “White Elephant” gift exchange.

The Gamers’ Lodge will waive all gaming fees that night, and will contribute a door prize for every 10 participants in the gift exchange. You must be present and participating in the gift exchange to win.

The rules are as follows:

1. Each participant brings one, wrapped, board game with a retail value at a minimum of $40 (if new/sealed), or $70 (if opened/used);

2. A used game should be complete, and without damage;

3. Buying a new game (for the exchange event) from The Gamers’ Lodge will earn you a 10% discount (off your entire purchase – so you can do more xmas shopping at the same time);

4. The draw order at the exchange will be randomized. The first player chooses a gift, opens it, and keeps in full view for all other participants;

5. The next player can either open a new gift, or steal a previously opened gift. If you are stolen from, repeat the process. Each gift can only be stolen once per round, and after three swaps in a round, the player must open a new gift and can no longer steal;

6. After all players have had a turn, the first player will get one final chance to steal in a special final round. This final round will not have the “three-swap” maximum. Chaos!