Happy 4th Birthday Table Top Café! (on Oct. 28th…)

Table Top Café opened its doors shortly before our daughter was born, so I’ve always got an easy way to remember how long it’s been around now… They really launched the board game café in Edmonton and it’s hard to believe that there weren’t any 4 years ago. Help TTC celebrate this Saturday at both their locations!

See the link here for details.

We’re turning four years old at the end of October and we’re throwing a party to celebrate you, the folks who have made this possible! We are so happy to be a part of such a positive, quirky board game community here in Edmonton and we’re grateful for all of your support over the years.

This year, our celebrations will include:

20% EVERYTHING — food, drink, and board games. Basically, everything except for the base fee.

BOARD GAME BLIND DATE BOXES! We’re wrapping up a huge variety of board games and writing one sentence descriptions for you to browse through. If you think you’ve found a match, take your mystery game home at a big ol’ discount (35 – 50% off of the original sticker price)! We’re having a ton of fun with this, so we hope you do too! Don’t miss out, because these are in limited supply!
The four price ranges we will have available, along with one big item at each store:
A – $15
B – $25
C – $35
D – $50

For every $25 you spend, get your name entered into our birthday raffle. Winners will be drawn the following day, for a chance to win a board game of your choice (one per store). That’s right — any game!

Our friends from Alley Kat will be samples Long Johns Salted Caramel Red Ale at both of our stores to make sure you have the chance to combine booze & board games!