High Score eSports Halloween Party “Junkenstein’s Revenge” October 28th

Soon many great things going on for Halloween this year in Edmonton. Like the Overwatch-themed one at High Score next weekend!

Facebook event link here.

October 28th is normally a day chosen to celebrate Halloween and the many joys that come with it! But this year, ladies and gentlemen, we need your help.

Our tale begins in Edmonton, where High Score eSports Bar has called out to heroes from all across the city to aid in the destruction of Dr. Junkenstein’s secret cocktail creations! The only way to safely destroy the cocktails is by playing various console/PC games and ultimately by drinking every last drop.

The objective is simple:

7pm start time: The best defense is a good offense. The only way for us to get an upper hand on Dr. Junkenstein is to hit him early. We will be operating until 1am on Saturday night so there will be plenty of time to rally reinforcements!

Cosplay encouraged:

Dr. Junkenstein has many minions at his disposal, so that is why we must infiltrate and disguise ourselves as to not create any sort of suspicion! Those of you with the BEST costume’s will be hand selected and rewarded handsomely. So break out your Comic-con outfit and join the ranks!

$5 venue fee