Edmonton Kickstarter Update – October 16

There was a lack of Edmonton Kickstarters to keep track of lately and then, just like that, there wasn’t. Nerdy Kickstarters abound this week. From legendary artist Mike Sass and his instructional DVD to legendary artist Jeff Martin and his awesome collected edition, there are plenty of new projects and they’re all trending very well so far…

Also, the Edmonton Digital Arts College runs students through the basics of Game Design by having them create their own Kickstarter with a very limited time fram (7 days) so many of what you see below are part of this. Don’t fear though… if it’s funded, they’ll still make their game 🙂

Also, The Stego Board is a cool idea to save you custom PC builders some room and it’s fully funded now, so check it out!

Wayward Orbit Board Game (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Dragons & Thieves Board Game (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Way of Things Children’s Book (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Hayley’s Favourite Toys Children’s Book (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Waffles for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Volume One Comic (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Red Sky In Morning Comic (EDAC Students) (4 Days Left)
Golden Ticket Comics Presents: The V Card (8 Days Left)
Stego Board Computer Accessories (Fully Funded! 11 Days Left)
Epic Fantasy Painting DVD by Mike Sass (Magic/Blizzard/Bioware Artist) (18 Days Left)
Where Is ZOG Comics (24 Days Left)
Ravaged Wasteland of Crifoth RPG Supplement (Fully Funded! 27 Days Left)