Where Is Zog Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Are you able to help out a great local creator? Check out Jeff Martin’s “Where Is Zog?” and help him meet a relatively modest goal!

See the kickstarter link here.

Where Is Zog? was pitched as a webcomic for the Heavy Metal website in the summer of 2015, ran on the site from November 2015 to November 2016, and will now see print in November 2017!

I’ve wanted to do a printed collection of Zog for a while now, and have finally decided to test the Kickstarter waters to make it happen.

Wait, we know where Zog is? WHY AREN'T WE THERE RIGHT NOW!?
Wait, we know where Zog is? WHY AREN’T WE THERE RIGHT NOW!?

Where Is Zog? is the story of Grum and Zill, who are the survivors of a crash landing on an uncharted planet. They latch onto the idea of finding Zog to give themselves hope and direction, but that’s only useful if they don’t get themselves eaten by space monsters.  

Pictured: The aforementioned space monster.
Pictured: The aforementioned space monster.

Grum and Zill’s fast-paced misadventures combine punchy comedy and the after-effects of alien colonialism. As our bumbling heroes encounter (and accidentally offend) various cultures, they learn more about the impact of a Kultaari science expedition on the planet’s inhabitants. How much that information will help them in the desperate search for Zog is another matter entirely.