CANCELLED – Alberta North Pop Culture & Cosplay Extravaganza

I was really looking forward to this… Details are still rolling in but here’s the text of the statement on their Facebook page:

It is with deep regret that we are announcing the cancelation of the Alberta North PoP Culture & Cosplay Extravaganza. We have had great support and feedback from the Cosplay Community and many people interested in attending the event, but unfortunately vendor support has slipped away. Before moving forward we spoke to many vendors who were on board with the event. Unfortunately, many have struggled this year and for various reasons have decided not to attend. Vendor support is crucial for events such as this and we simply cannot do this event without them.

Before any rumors start I also want it on record that all vendors, artists and other who have prepaid for space have already be refunded. No one other than the organize has lost any money. It’s the way we operate.

We had always planned to do 3 events per year; one north, one south and one central. We will re-group and re-evaluate to decide when and how to proceed, but it is our hope to resume our plans as the economy rebounds. We are down, but in no way are we out!

Another of our objectives was to help grow and promote this Fan Culture. To that end we will keep this page going in an effort to help other shows be a Fan Raving Success! We will be sharing their posts and offering our suggestions to both vendors and attendees that perhaps the organizers couldn’t; or at least I felt we couldn’t to help ensure their success.

There are also some people I want to thank…

Kappuru Cosplay, Cynthia and Adrian have worked tirelessly for this and our previous event in Red Deer. They were in charge of the Cosplay Contests and were willing help in every other part of the events. They are cherished friends and I know they’ll be there when we’re ready. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment and dedication. With your help, we will be the Pheonix.

Canada Camo who was scheduled to be our MC. I know he would have been absolutely Fantastic. You may not know, but he is an amazing singer and was planning to do his rendition of Johnny B Goode. That alone is reason to get this party re-started! He was also arranging some other musical entertainment for the Friday Night Sock Hop. Thank you so much for your willingness to participate. We’ll be calling on you again.

C3 : Caring Character Cosplay, David Huculiak , who brought his team to our Red Deer Event. They added so much to the fun and energy of the event, as well as, raising money for Children’s Charities. His work with the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton to put smiles on sick kids face is inspirational not to mention all the other Charitable events he and his team are always ready to help. I know they would have made our event so memorable for many and raised some much needed dollars. Thanks David! We’ll be in touch.

There’s also some Vendors I want to give a shout out to…

Red Moon Cosplay Solutions, who not only have supported us, but is always there for the smaller cons. Not just as a vendor, but they sponsors many Costume Contests and help however they can. Many businesses take a wait and see attitude on new cons, but not Red Moon. Devin and whole gang from Red Moon are always ready to support a con whether it’s established or a new one. Smaller cons and new cons depend on dedication like that. If Fan Culture is to grow I hope more vendors get off the sideline and take a few more risks. Thanks for your support Devin!

Random Array is another vendor who not only supported our events, but I see them at many small cons in their area and far away. Thanks for being there Jennifer and Kim! I hope Randomness continues forever!

Whiskey in a Teacupp; I know Francine loved the atmosphere of our events and we loved her homemade cards, buttons and fridge magnets.. Thanks Francine! We’ll toast your health, happiness and artful success with a Whiskey in a Teacup.

Last but certainly not least Minifigures and More. Gord has been supporting our events even before we did a pop culture event. I know Gord is dedicated to and not afraid of supporting a small event. He understands a show must happen, learn and get better. Although he wasn’t booked for our event this time, he supports many small cons and we appreciate his contribution to Fan Culture growth; it’s far from Mini. Thanks Gord!

In closing, I want to thank all who support Fan Culture in one way or another. It’s amazing the talent and creativity it inspires and how it brings people together. No show is perfect, so go find that small con, there’s probably one close to you, enjoy it, support a vendor or two and if you’re a vendor be sure your business has a presents and supports a small con or two in your area. It will have amazing results.

Finally and in the words of one of my favourite characters, “Keep your stick on the ice.” See you soon at the next Con!

Brad Barnes
Alberta PoP Culture