Turkey Shoot! The Mummy at Metro Cinema – Oct. 9th

It feels like forever since the last Turkey Shoot… Which is a shame considering there have been sooooo many movies in need of their attention. Kind of appropriate that they’ll be back for a big Thanksgiving Turkey!

Check the link here for info on how to help give bad movies their proper respect.

Join the Turkey Shoot Team for Thanksgiving Turkey, stuffed with live comedy & commentary from Dave Clarke, James Hamilton, Jeff Page & Cat Walsh, trivia and prizes!

The Mummy, which promises “terrors that defy human comprehension,” is Universal Studio’s debut entry in their “Dark Universe” franchise featuring all their (copyrighted) classic monsters. Actually Dracula Untold (2014), was supposed to be the first, but the studio restarted because it was crap. We look forward in the future to seeing Javier Bardem as any of the monsters. And Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man. But they aren’t in this one. Instead, Tom “Show Me The Mummy!” Cruise stars as a relic hunter. He’s hunting Sofia Boutella, who after Star Trek Beyond must be used to thankless roles like this. Oh, and Russell Crowe is Dr. Jekyll. WTF! Nerd Rage!!! Dr. Jekyll was never one of the Universal Studio monsters! But the character is public domain, so Universal doesn’t care. The creaking on the soundtrack is Boris Karloff rolling in his grave….

Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot!
Monday October 9 at 7:00