Edmonton Kickstarter Update – Golden Ticket Comics

Been a while since I’ve had a local kickstarter project to share… Thanks to the Expo, I’ve got one! Maybe you managed to check out Golden Ticket Comics over the weekend? Their Kickstarter just launched and they’re about 10% of the way to their goal.

Check out the full Kickstarter here

Hi there. My name is Dallas Casavant and I’m the Director of Golden Ticket Comics and the writer of the 4 issue, 128 page motion/comic mini-series, “The V-Card.” The log-line of the story would be something like, “Will a Vampire’s 380 year dry spell come to an end, with a bite to the neck or a stake to the heart, once The Great Vampire Killer’s daughter discovers what her boyfriend really is?”

  “You think you could come up with a better idea for a story?” an ex-girlfriend said, with contempt, after I (once again) complained about the plot holes, weak characters and complete lack of humor in the movie we just watched. Her contempt turned into disgust, when I said that I could write something better. On the spot, I made up an idea and told it to her. She looked confused. “Actually,” she reluctantly admitted, “that’s not bad.” I was confused, too. It wasn’t that bad. Month’s went by and I still couldn’t get the idea out of my head. A new character here. A plot twist there. Eventually, I couldn’t fight it. I had to turn it into a comic.

  A couple of years later, with the final script in my hand, I walked by the most beautiful girl in the world and said to her, “Excuse me. This sounds ridiculous, but I just finished the final script for a romantic-comedy comic about a 380 year-old vampire virgin…could I use your likeness for one of the characters?” She said yes. We started dating. We bought a house. We got engaged. We got three dogs. Her name was Talia.

The Crew
The Crew

  “The V-Card” was created and written by Dallas Casavant. Pencils, inks and colors are by Nick Johnson, letters by Sean Rinehart and animation by Tamara Arres. The comic features G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama, and “SiriusXM Top Comic Finalist” (and “Kathleen McGee is a Hot Mess” podcaster)  stand-up comedian, Kathleen McGee.

  Issues 1 and 2 are complete and I am looking to raise $8000 to complete the remaining issues. and animation. Here’s some sample pages from issue 1!