Introducing Capital Region Alliance Board-Gaming!

Been hanging on to this nugget for a while now… Four of Edmonton’s best Board Game establishments have joined forces to create a new city-wide league! The best place to find out event more is at whichever participating store happens to be closest to you (or the one you were going to next anyway).

For now though, here is the text of the announcement:

Welcome to the Capital Region Alliance Boardgaming (CRAB) League! The CRAB League is an inter-store boardgaming league where players can go to any participating store and find others playing the same awesome suite of games for a given period of time, called a season. Fill out log sheets provided by the stores, have your results posted online, and get invited to the season championship where you can win a bunch of neat stuff!

The inaugural season begins on September 18th and will run for six weeks, including five weeks of league play and a final week to include the season championship!

The games for this season are:

Dice Forge (light);
Five Tribes (medium);
Terraforming Mars (heavy).

In addition to the championship prizes, we also have non-competitive prize categories which will change from season to season. Each category will be in the form of a draw between all players who meet the requirements.

The additional prize categories for season one are:
“The Wandering Crab” – Play at least one eligible game at each participating store during the season;
“The Social Crab” – Play with the most diversified set of opponents during the season;
“The Persistent Crab” – Play at least one eligible game in each week of the season.

The participating stores and their league nights are:
Apt to Game – Monday
Board n Brew Café – Tuesday
The Gamers’ Lodge – Wednesday
Hexagon Board Game Café – Thursday

See you all next week, and happy gaming!