EFGC Presents Kings Of Strong Style – Sep 30th

The Edmonton Fighting Game Club is on fire lately with a ton of events in the works (not to mention a big presence at the upcoming Alberta Beat Down). Pretty happy to help with the promotion of this event (more of a cheerleader than anything but happy to help).

If you’re interested in winning actual money just for being good at Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom or Guilty Gear; follow the event details here.

VENUE FEE: $5 – this goes directly to HighScore to thank them for hosting us. Also helps with their bottom line cuz we’ll have some players who prefer not to drink 🙂

GAMES ($10 entry, 60/30/10 split)
MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE Launch with $300.00 Bonus Pot Donated by Marvtronic and Love
Street Fighter V
Tekken 7 With a $100.00 Pot Bonus Donated by Love
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2
Edmonton vs Calgary 5v5 in Tekken 7, with a $250 bonus pot provided by Fake Steve The runback!

more details to come soon…