The Deadlandz – September 16th

Simulation Events is back with another chance for you to spend six hours fending off the zombie apocalypse!

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Will you survive? 
Test your cunning and skills against a zombie horde, other survivors, and other real world obstacles. 
Simulation Events Inc. is an Edmonton based event production and management company that specializes in the most unique, crazy, and adrenaline pumping events possible. From haunted houses, to mobile escape rooms, to surviving a Zombie apocalypse situation, we will create a party, event, or weekend you will NEVER forget!
We are hosting a full experience (6 hour duration) “DeadLandz” event taking place Saturday, September 16th, with a start time of 6PM
About the event: 
The Dead Landz is a “live action” zombie apocalypse simulation. It is a live action roleplaying games for the masses. Think of it as putting yourself into the world of “The Walking Dead” but with zombie actors and fake weapons (so no one dies for real!). The event takes place on a large scale private property that can accommodate hundreds of players and zombies at a time. 
The goal of the game is to either “escape” from the venue, or to simply survive until the end. It is completely up to the player. You will enter the venue with nothing but the clothes on your back, and will search for water, food, supplies, and weapons needed to survive the day. 
Once you enter the venue, you will Hide, Run, Fight, and Survive against a horde of the undead, other survivors, forces of evil, and nature. 
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