Nerd List Reviews – Marvel Tsum Tsum Collectibles

Hey! Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Nerd List Reviews!” I’ve taken my time with this one because it was hard. For a variety of reasons. Aside from personal issues taking a lot of time over the last few months, I’ve never been the biggest collectibles guy (never had the money), though I collect old D&D stuff (and nerdy links).

The real problem here was… I had no idea what a Tsum Tsum is/was. I mean, I had seen some of them in stores but unless you really spend time looking, it just doesn’t sink in. Despite that, when I got the offer to review these I jumped at it. How hard could it be?

Step 1: Open them. So I opened them finally and took a look.

Step 2: Review?? Great. I’m not a writer. What am I supposed to say now?

I had one of those moments you see in movies where the person on camera just blanks out. Uhhhh…?

Thankfully, some help arrived.


Our daughter walked in and picked them up from where I had been taking pictures of them. The transition was seamless. Their actual names didn’t matter, she took to them in a heartbeat. Gave them all personalities & backstories and we were playing with them in less than 60 seconds.


Nova: Biggest question she had was, “where’s his mouth?” “Under his helmet” I told her. This was satisfactory because it’s never been brought up again. Also, the thing he’s standing on is his “house” apparently. We haven’t spent a lot of time reading Nova comics yet. It’ll happen, give it time. Also, he’s apparently mine since anything blue is automatically Dada’s “cause it’s your favourite colour.”


Gamora: Probably her second favourite. Mostly because of the purple in her hair. Her “house” was the easiest to put together and had the fewest number of pieces (2). Definitely a lot friendlier version of the Gamora we recognize from the movies & comics. Our little girl hasn’t seen the movie yet though so it’ll be an interesting transition.


Green Goblin: By far, our daughter’s favourite. Pretty sure the maniacal smile on his face doesn’t register to her yet. He just looks happy and is covered in the colour pink (her favourite). He hasn’t left her side much since I opened him up. The only down side is the little pumpkin piece on top goes missing easily and doesn’t stay attached like the rest of his “house.”

The short answer to this is I’m a Tsum Tsum convert now. I had to have my three year old teach me how to play with them again but I’ve got an appreciation for them now. No overcomplicated toys, just lots of use of her imagination. Not sure how I’d feel if I hadn’t had a pro “player” around to help me though.

Thanks for giving me something else to play with my daughter Tsum Tsum!

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