Virtual World Symposium – GDXpo Sep. 16th

This bit of good news/bad news kind of flew under the radar for me a bit. The bad news is that the next “Full” GDX has been pushed back to 2018. The good news is that they’re still going to have a series of smaller events through the next year. Starting with a VR-focussed symposium in September.

See the description below and the full link here.

Are you working with the latest of cutting-edge technology in virtual, augmented, or mixed reality? Are you looking for an audience to share your virtual world with? Become a presenter at the Virtual World Symposium today!

Our schedule is just about full! Applications close on July 31, 2017.


  • The power of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.
  • Vast and immersive worlds, conceived straight from human imagination.
  • The way VR/AR is transforming the way we play, learn, live, and connect with others.
  • The newest ICT industry sub-sector in Alberta.


  • New experiences, like never thought possible before.
  • A lasting impact on the Albertan ICT sub-sector industry and the industry as a whole.
  • New ways for your team to solve problems and have fun.
  • A new vision for how we use interactive information and communications technology.


  • A paradigm shift in interactive experience design with cutting-edge experiential technology.
  • The way VR/AR technology will be used in the future in Alberta.
  • New skill and talent development in Alberta’s fast-growing ICT Sector.
  • Creative solutions to problems where the possibilities are virtually limitless.