Rolling Empires Now On Kickstarter!

I’ve been a huge fan of Nicholas Fong & Lauren Brazeau for a long time. They’re taking everything they learned in their last Kickstarter outing and applying to their latest campaign for Rolling Empires. I meant to share this right at 1:30pm when it launched and the last time I checked, they were already 25% funded (in less than 5 hours!). That’s very impressive for any game, let alone a relatively small, local project.

If you’re a fan of board games, give this a look and support it if you can!

Find the link to the Kickstarter here and at least share it if you can’t back it financially.

(I fully support this awesome local game. I’ve played it and it’s well worth the price to get in on it early!)

Rolling Empires is a fantasy empire dice building game for 2 to 6 players. Players attempt to gain supremacy over their opponents through building a glorious empire or conquest. Dice Building, Engine Building, and Area Control are some of the key features that drive this unique and diverse game. Players have a variety of choices, and may follow various paths to victory.