Nerd Decathlon @ The Rec Room Jul. 23 Aug. 27

I’m sure I’m not the first to say this was an awesome idea. Nerdy local businesses going joystick to joystick for seven weeks at the Rec Room. Two nerds enter, one nerd leaves? Maybe a nerdy Hunger Games? Anyway, season one pits The Buckingham against Farrow Sandwiches. Follow the event link here and see who comes out on top!

For the first installments of Nerd Decathlon we have two local businesses – Farrow Sandwiches and The Buckingham – going head to head in ten random “nerd” events here at The Rec Room. They’ll compete in everything from arcade games to axe throwing. We’ve set this for 7 weeks, and at the end the winning business will receive a trophy. Then we’ll start all over again with two new business who will compete for 7 weeks. People are encouraged to come watch and enjoy.