Sci-Fi Cinema: The Fifth Element – 20th Anniversary July 9th

I remember watching The Fifth Element when it came out and thinking it was a good movie but I didn’t realize how well it would hold up after 20 years (the trailer below notwithstanding). See the movie that helped catapult Milla Jovavich to superstar status and see Bruce Willis when he still had hair…

Get your multiples for the 20th anniversary showing at Metro Cinema here.

Two hundred and fifty years in the future, the universe is threatened by the arrival of a Great Evil. Only the Fifth Element has the power to stop the Evil from extinguishing all existing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is assisted by a former elite commando turned cab driver, Korben Dallas, who is, in turn, helped by Prince/Arsenio clone, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Zorg, who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, and his alien mercenaries.