1UP! Extra Life Edmonton Rebranding Contest

Pretty sure an announcement directed at the entire Nerd & Gaming community in Edmonton falls under my responsibilities to share… Extra Life is running a contest to help them rebrand and you could win some Steam Codes for doing something to help kids!

Details below and original link here.

Attention nerd/gaming community: enter a piece of art and/or a short testimony about what Extra Life and/or gaming means to you! Have it featured in our branding and earn the chance to win a Steam code(s)!

Extra Life Edmonton is rebranding. Our retro logos have served us long and well, but it’s time for a fresh start as we pass the half-way mark in our fifth year as a team. Over the next couple of months, you’ll see us roll out a shiny new logo, new media assets, and more.

We don’t want to do this without you, though – you, the community, ARE Extra Life Edmonton. We want your ideas about our new branding and your thoughts about “Why I Extra Life” to inspire our new designs. To get your creative juices flowing, we’re offering the chance to win a Steam code.

To enter our Steam code giveaway, comment below with your submission: either a quick piece of art (even a doodle – actually, the more doodles we get, the better!) or a phrase/paragraph about what Extra Life and/or gaming has meant to you. You can also submit via email at extralifeedmonton@gmail.com. All entrants will be entered into the draw.

We’ll close the contest on July 10, 2017 (but if we get feedback that you need more time, we’ll extend the deadline – this contest is for YOU!). If we get enough entries, we’ll expand the prize pool. You can submit multiple entries per person, but please keep your entries constructive and creative. Steam code gift can be random if you like, or you can pick from our giveaway vault.

All of our community’s entries will make an appearance in a giant Facebook cover page collage! We will also use them as inspiration for changes to our look. Make sure you include your gamer tag if you’d like it to appear in the collage.

One more thing – your artwork or thoughts don’t have to be yours! What we mean by that is we’d be happy to accept artwork by your friends or children, as long as you give them credit. Please don’t go robbing anybody.

Thanks and happy creating!