Finally! A Shirt Quest update!

It’s been a little off the radar for a while due to circumstances beyond our control but we’ve taken that $5 shirt and transformed it into $105 worth of store credit so far. Here’s the latest rundown of trades & donations:

-$5 sixth donated by Extra Life Edmonton
-$25 Retro Link Controller traded for the shirt by Retro Active Arcade
-$30 Store credit for used books traded for the controller by Variant Edition
-$65 CGC 9.8 Harley Quinn Rebirth #1 Variant cover donated by Steve Baril (Comic Booth at the 111th St. Flea Market)
-$75 Store credit traded for the Harley Quinn cover by Macbeth Comics!


So we currently have $30 store credit for used books at Variant Edition and $75 store credit at Macbeth Comics. If you want to trade (a little more valuable) something for one or both, send me an e-mail at and we’ll work it out!

Remember, whatever we wind up with gets donated to Extra Life for their auction in support of the Stollery!

(Also, if you want to donate direct to Extra Life and get a free shout-out on the Nerd List Social Media, just donate as little as $1 here)