Edmonton Kickstarter Watch – June 12

Once again, Carthage is the only one on the list active this week. It’s 150% funded and Luke Seinen from SAS Creative continues to step on the gas (he’s still doing demos, you can his next one tonight at Board N Brew Café tonight. Check the link here).

Hoping there’s some more news to share with you guys shortly.

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Currently Funding on Kickstarter:
Carthage by SAS Creative (Fully Funded! 12 days left)

Kickstarters Launching in the near future:
-Crazy Cat Lady by Tower Guard Games (Launching in June)
Rolling Empires (Launching July 15th)
-Kaiju Conquest by ATC Games (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Minister Faust (More news coming soon)
-Untitled project by Creation Oceanic (More news coming soon)

Do you have a Kickstarter coming out that you want on this list? Let me know and I’ll add it too!