High Score Pop-Up & YEG Twitch Meetup – June 25th

Something that we’ve been itching to try for a while now… There’s a lot more Twitch broadcasters in Edmonton than I knew about (a lot more…). With the support of Edmonton eSports, High Score YEG & a few more groups/organizations I’ll be announcing shortly; we’ll be holding an informal (for now) meetup of local broadcasters. If you’ve been jealous of meetups being held in Vancouver & Calgary, now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor and provide some input into potentially hosting a regular event in Edmonton.

High Score’s Pop-up will be held June 24th & 25th and you can find the link to it here,

Stay tuned to this post as we announce presenters and confirmed broadcasters who will be in attendance (follow them & share their streams!).

Confirmed Local Streams so far:

athleholic (Affiliate)
edmontonesports (Presenting & Streaming event)
edmontonnerdlist (Co-Host)
figgityfigs (Affiliate)
lovelustgames (Affiliate)
mashed (Partner) (Special Guest) (Presenter)
playingboardgames (Affiliate)
unsanitylive (Partner) (Special Guest)
wingnutstreaming (Affiliate)
yegextralife (Presenting)

(If I’ve gotten anything wrong, please let me know by e-mailing me at info@EdmontonNerdList.com)