Intro To Prop & Costume Painting w/ Nicole Deibert – Aug. 19

I’m not sure if Theatre Garage gets enough credit for the workshops they hold. This time they have a pretty special guest in the Nicole Delbert from the Citadel Theatre. If you’re looking for another expert for your Cosplay, here’s another contact you can make.

Event details here.

In this workshop Nicole, the Head of Scenic Paint at the Citadel Theatre, will share her knowledge of her vast skills in painting of different textures, brush stroke techniques and product knowledge. The workshop will start with product reference and where to find the best materials for your project including: premiers, seals, adhesives, tools and different paints. Nicole will share her samples of the best techniques of painting thermoplastics, leather, plastics and wood. The hands-on part of the workshop will be learning and painting: woodgrain, gold leaf and fabric stenciling. There will be a Q&A portion to the end of the workshop if you have personal projects you’d like to bring in and get advice on. All materials included. A kit to take home is also included: 2x paint brushes, sponge, wood board and gold leaf and fabric stencil sample. -$45