Red Claw Garage Sale – May 27

I don’t post a ton of sales on here (since I’d go nuts trying to keep track of them all) but this one’s a bit different. You get to set the price. That’s right, Red Claw gaming is clearing out their back room and will be taking offers on most of their excess stock. Maybe I’ll finally pick up some Warmachine?

See the event link here.

Red Claw Games is having its first annual Garage Sale. We are cleaning out the back room of excess stock, discontinued lines, and whatever else we find that back there that is still useful. This will be no ordinary Garage Sale however, in this Garage Sale you set the price. We will be accepting all reasonable offers for the product involved in the sale.

The from the following lines will be included in the Garage Sale:
-Board Games
-Mantic Games
-Games Workshop
-Game Accessories