Pop-up Cupcake Cat Café: Take 2 – May 28th

The last time that Table Top Café held a pop-up café; it sold out in a few days. Thankfully, you’ve got another chance to see some kitties & play some board games.

Details here.


Table Top Cafe is partnering with Paws In Need for our second pop up cat cafe! Flirt Cupcakes will be in attendance with fancy cupcakes to snack on while you anxiously await your kitty snuggles! All cat-themed board games will be 10% off for this event, so be sure to stop by and pick up the purrr-fect game!

-How long will I have to cuddle those adorable creatures?-
Thirty minutes! We’ll be allowing in groups of twelve at a time.

-How much does it cost?-
$15 per person, which includes board gaming for the rest of the day!

-Where will the cats be?-
Cats won’t be in actual cafe, so those with allergies are okay! For those of you that have been into our 124th Street store, we’ll be housing the cats in the lobby — it’s seperated by an inside door, so we’ll be encouraing entry through the main door to the lobby to avoid cat hair madness!

-What if a cat scratches me?-
Paws In Need and Table Top Cafe are not responsible for the sometimes mercurial nature of cats.

-Can I bring my own pet?-
As much as we’re sure they are lovely, sadly, no. This is for the safety of the adoptable animals.

-Are the cats adoptable?-
From the organization: “Adopting a pet is a great option for many people. Paws in Need strives to find forever homes for our animals where they will be loved and cared for. The reason we have adoption procedures and applications is because we want to ensure the animal is the right fit for your family and lifestyle. Adopting a pet is a big commitment, we want to try to fit the right animal with the right home to help make the adoption a success.”

For more information on the adoption process and their organization, see Paws In Need’s website/Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PawsInNeedAnimalRescue/