LARGE Con – A Live Action Role-Player’s Guild Of Edmonton Event July 21-23

**Update: Here is the event search from Eventbrite. No one list for all events unfortunately…**

Looks like I’ve got a lot of nerdy events to get caught up on before the summer. LARGE (Live Action Role-Player’s Guild of Edmonton) keeps refining their event and now they’ve got a Facebook page. The full schedule isn’t available yet but they’ve announced a ton of interesting games already. “Trailer Park Call of Cthulu” caught my attention…

Check their Facebook page here for all the latest on when the games will run & how you can get tickets (I’m way ahead on things this time!).

-Will That Be All
Presented by Kimberley Lam
British servants in the late 1920s and 1930s try to find love and companionship as war approaches. A game in three acts.

-The Council Of Calamity
Presented by Chris McGaffin
A round table meeting of villains going about … general business.

-Betrayal at House on the Hill
Presented by Adam Conway
A live action version of the popular board game.

“Bathrobes and Titwhores: It’s the F*&ing Sh*tpocalypse, Randy”: Trailer Park Call of Cthulhu
Presented by Ryan States

-Zombie Hospital: Ground Zero
presented by: Vicious Ambitious Events

It’s 3 A.M. and you work in a Hospital. You’re pulling the triage shift, and it’s a full moon. All night long you and your coworkers have been getting slammed with trauma victims. The overflow is insane, and you start to notice…. all the patients have bite marks….


Presented by Eric Finley
A Shadowrun adventure LARP consisting of a single run for a team of four runners. It will be running repeatedly over the course of the convention, around and between the other events, and is designed to be replayable.

-All’s Fair – A Houses of the Blooded LARP
presented by Wade Lahoda

Warring families come together to drink, dance, and intrigue under the promise of peace. But all is fair in love and war, and blood brought to a boil is not quickly cooled.

-Last Night of the Dirty Dog Club
Presented by: Blake Rothwell

The final night at a punk club in the 80s: the youth and energy crashing up against drugs, Reagan, and being an adult.