EDAC Kickstarter Night @ The Gamers’ Lodge – May 9th


One phase of the the Edmonton Digital Arts College’s Video Game Design Program challenges the students to work together to design & publish a board game. It’s meant as a dry run before learning more advanced techniques to build a digital game. The final phase of their project is to launch a Kickstarter. They’re only allowed to campaign for seven days so they’re not really expected to get funded. I’d like to change that…

On May 9th, come out to The Gamers’ Lodge and support these local students as they show off their hard work (and maybe slickly talk you into pledging for multiple copies…). Their actual campaigns begin on May 12th so you’ll be getting a sneak peak before anyone else.

This term, there are three groups and their projects are:


Burn The Witch: A game for 4-6 Players “It’s 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. You must investigate & deduce who the suspected witches are in your town. Send them to Trial, avoid suspicion and most importantly; Survive! Beware who you burn, the dead don’t forget.”


Synchro-Taters by Deep Coma Games: A family friendly card game about potatoes trying to blend in with some synchronized swimmers


Sticky Business: A 2-4 Player Board Game. You and some of the other worker bees are tired of making bee hives with hexagon honeycombs. Another Queen bee is looking for one more worker to join her colony in her beehive of squares. Be the first to reach her and the job is yours!”