Nerd List Update – April 30

GDX has released their new website, you should really check it out since their event is likely going to huge this year.

In keeping with the game discovery theme, I chose to re-do the Game Designers page. I cleaned up all the dead links and removed a couple of dead listings. Plus, I added Dice Derbi & Carthage (not sure why I didn’t have them on there yet).

Also, I’ve updated the Patreon slightly. The $250 goal is next up but there’s not a lot of time for a podcast (to be done well at any rate) these days, so once we get there I’m just going to start donating some of the revenue to Extra Life Edmonton (supporting the Stollery). There’s some family news coming that’ll mean it’s an investment at the same time 😉

Also, there’s a strong chance of some merchandise in the near future (think of the T-shirt variety). More news on that this week I hope…

Anyway, thanks again everyone and I’ll see you on Free Comic Book Day next Saturday!