Suds & Science @ TWOSE May 11

Mmmm…. Beer… Are you ready to find out the science behind it? Check out Suds & Science at the Telus World Of Science on May 11!

See the event link here.

Beer and science lovers rejoice, the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton has a fresh event to get your senses hopping! 

Additional programming:

Bitter Taste Test

Does broccoli bum you out? The answer may lie in your genes. Join us as we explore the genetics of bitter taste to understand why some people love leafy greens and others can’t bear them. 

Flavour – More than meets the tongue?

Explore the five basic tastes in this taste testing demo. Follow it up with the TWOSE taste test to see if you can identify our flavoured taste dots. The answers might surprise you!

Can you handle the heat?

Flavour is about more than just the basic tastes. Put the temperature receptors in your mouth to the test as we find out what makes chili peppers hot and mint cool. 

Suds and Science is an 18+ event