Edmonton Nerd List Update – April 23


A brand new sponsor for the site! A big thanks to Luke Seinen of Carthage: The Game for being our newest supporter. Check out his game when it comes to Kickstarter in less than a month! (Also check out our Patreon if you want to get the word out in Edmonton about something nerdy; or if you just like what we’re doing)

So what else is new? Shirt Quest is rolling along in support of Extra Life and I should have another announcement later today with a new donation (and a possible trade). The interest in it so far has been fantastic and I almost have to slow it down so I can keep track of it. Not sure if I’ll get a house for Extra Life by November but I’m sure going to try!

Want to help things along? Check in regularly and trade if you can (I’ll take anything in reasonable shape, as long it’s slightly more valuable for charity), share the news and donate to Extra Life.

The re-organization of the site continues as well. This week it’s the Sponsors section (hence The Geeky Realtor’s Logo for the top of the post).

Depending on how much time I have this week, I might have some more news to share as well. If not, I’ll finish working on it next week.

Thanks for all the support everyone!