Extra Life 2017: Shirt Quest

**Update** We were traded a $30 Used Books Gift Certificate Variant Edition Comics & Culture for the Retrolink Game Controller. We now have the gift certificate & the Harley Quinn #1 for trade. By all means make an offer for one or both!

**Update** We were given an awesome CGC 9.8 Harley Quinn #1 from Steve Baril at the Comics booth at the 111 St. Flea Market.

**Update** We traded the T-shirt for a RetroLink N64 Classic Controller courtesy of Retro Active Arcade (Suggested retail price $25). Know anyone who wants to trade something slightly more valuable for it??


“Shirt Quest” is kind of just a place holder at this point. If it’s still at the title of the post by the time I’m done typing this, it means I really couldn’t come up with a better name.

Here’s the premise:

-The good people at Extra Life Edmonton were kind enough to give me a shirt.

-I’m going to try and turn that shirt into something a little more valuable and give it back to Extra Life on November 5th.

How, you ask? By trading it. Over & over again for successively more valuable items (I hope). Maybe you’ve spent hours of your life in a Legend of Zelda game on a trading quest? Or maybe you remember the story of “One Red Paper Clip” where someone eventually traded a paperclip for a house. If so, you get the idea. Not sure what Extra Life will do with a house but that’s the goal.

So how can you help? In several ways…

-Keep track of the trades as they happen and step in with something (slightly) more valuable to trade when you see something you want.
-“Sweeten the pot” by donating an item you can’t use and I’ll add it to the item being traded to entice a trade for something even more valuable.
-Donate money straight to Extra Life at our fundraising page www.extra-life.org/participant/EdmontonNerdList.
-Finally, if you can’t donate or trade (I know a lot of people are in a tough spot these days) just share & get the word out about Extra Life. You don’t have to wait until November!

Got something to trade or donate? I’m taking offers as of right now at: info@EdmontonNerdList.com


(For more information about Extra Life & how they’re supporting the Stollery, check them out online at www.Extra-Life.org)