YESS Quest: 24 Gaming Marathon – August 19

First there was Extra Life and then there was Videogamageddon and now there’s a third 24 hour gaming marathon for charity. The news just came down last night and it’s not even up on the website yet so stay tuned to for details on May 8.

If we keep adding 24 hour gaming marathons, we’ll just never stop gaming….

Hi folks,

Introducing YESS Quest!

I am a member of the Edmonton gaming community and also a board member of YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services). We are an Edmonton-based charity that seeks to aid underprivileged and homeless youth in Edmonton. More information is at

YESS Quest is a 24-hour board gaming and video gaming marathon in support of YESS. It will be held at Northlands from 12 noon on Saturday, August 19, to 12 noon on Sunday, August 20. Participants can basically bring whatever games they want – electronic or tabletop – and play them for charity!

Participants in the gaming marathon will be able to collect donations for YESS and we would really appreciate the support of the Edmonton gaming community.

I will be there and I hope you can join me, or sponsor a participant!

The YESS Quest information won’t be up on the YESS website until May 8, but if you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to me or to my board member Ashley Janssen at She is on the committee spearheading YESS Quest.